How To Send A Fax From Gmail {Step By Step Guide}

Fax, sounds old? Yes! But is it secure? Obviously. Fax is one of the methods that is considered safe and thus used by many companies to send important documents for their business purposes. But with the development of technology, the methods of sharing the documents have also changed. Online Fax Services have been developed to send important papers from one person to another. The process is still the same; telephone connection is required to send a fax.

Online Fax can be sent via your email too. How? Just register onto Gmail, and you are ready to go.

Send Fax Via Gmail

The process of sending Fax via Gmail is quite easy, it is just like sending an email.

Step 1. Register on Gmail, or if you already have an account on Gmail, sign in
Step 2. Compose a new email like usual, enter the recipient’s fax number into the “To” field
Step 3. Attach the documents which you want to send. Your documents can be in PDF, DOC, JPG or TXT format
Step 4. You may also write a cover letter informing the receiver about the important details of the documents, or telling them about the sender
Step 5. Now hit the Send button and your fax will be transmitted to all your recipients.

Can You Send a Fax From Gmail


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