How To Send Fax From Computer | Step By Step Guide

Sending a Fax is a well-used way of sending documents by most companies and individuals. This method is appreciated by many as it is the safest mode of sending confidential data to a person sitting in a different country as the sender.

Sending a Fax requires a Fax Machine connected to a phone number, but at this age, not many people have access to Fax machines. So if you are someone who wants to send a Fax to someone but wants to send a fax from the computer without a phone line, you can try these methods.

fax from the computer


How To Fax From Computer Windows 10/MAC

Fax From Computer Windows

  • First of all, you need a Gmail Account, if you don’t have one, you can create it by visiting
  • Then Login into you by providing suitable email ID and Password
  • Compose a new message in Gmail, fill up the information of Receiver and upload your documents in PDF or doc format
  • You can attach a cover letter with the Fax, like how you do in traditional Fax Documents
  • Click on the send button and your Fax will be sent to your recipient.

Fax From Computer Windows

If you had a question in your mind that can you send a fax from a computer, the answer is yes, you can. Hopefully, this guide helped you in your task.

Tip: Turn on the Confidentiality option before sending the Fax so that the receiver needs to input a given password before opening the Fax, this will protect your data from unwanted people.

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