How to Complete a Fax Cover Sheet in Simple Steps

Complete a Fax Cover Sheet: As we are living today in the information and the communication age we all are aware of the various forms that are available in the business communication. We all know that due to innovation in the technology and internet, email is much better and preferred form of communication as compared to the faxing.

How to Complete Fax Cover Sheet

Although there are many limitations and constraints to the faxing like jammed machines, missing pages, busy signal etc. but it is still preferred by many businesses that see he faxing as more professional form of communication and signed signatures on faxes are legitimate.

How to Complete Fax Cover Sheet

How to Complete Fax Cover Sheet

  • Start with writing the name of the recipient and sender of the fax in the ‘To’ and ‘from’ section of the fax cover sheet.
  • Secondly, you must write your contact number and the fax number so that in case the recipient wants to contact you can easily do that. It is also mandatory and helpful in the event the recipient must call or fax back.
  • Now fulfill the total number of pages you are sending. The total number of pages in the fax inclusive of the fax cover sheet must be mention there. In case the recipient wants to know and can crosscheck if anything is missing from the fax.
  • You have to describe the purpose of the fax in the RE section of the fax cover sheet. If applicable, you should add a reference number.
  • Fill in the entire appropriate box and also round all the appropriate word description so that the recipient can understand the importance of the fax cover sheet and the urgency of the response.
  • If you want, include the response descriptors: Please comment (fax back or response required), Urgent (handle immediately), Confidential (restricted to certain people) etc.
  • Add any additional comment if needed and you want to send to the recipient.
  • After completing all the relevant section review the fax cover sheet completely. Insert the date on the top.

Additional Tips:

  1. Make sure that the printed sheet is not blurred and can be understand by the normal human eye.
  2. Employ the blue or black ink to make sure that printed material would be clearly printed.

Now all the tips have been provided to you on how to fulfill the fax cover sheet. We are also providing the fax cover sheets templates in our site, you can download them free of charge.


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